a little introduction to us...

We are Lofty & Sharon, husband & wife...partners in life and business, the business being Natural Alchemist (Offgrid Artisan Woodcraft).

Having worked in Oil & Gas (me) and Formula 1 Workshops (Lofty) we quit the rat race and moved from a rented city centre terraced house, offgrid into a self converted vintage horsebox 7 years ago, upgrading to our current single decker bus 5 years ago. We move around the beautiful Waveney Valley, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

We started our own business (of all times) at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, but as we have the support of professional business mentors via the Governments New Enterprise Scheme we are still building the business and looking to a successful future.

Long term we would like to buy/rent a workshop with a piece of land to;

  •  have somewhere to park the bus up (they are designed for city transport after all, not country roads/off roading!) whilst we build/convert our next vehicle “Rosie Perkins”, a Vintage Dodge 50 flatbed which we are going to build a barreltop on the back, this will become our mobile home/business.
  • A workshop would give us the opportunity to build larger pieces of furniture, store stock and tools.
  • The land would enable me to start a community farm as I feel one of the main things which the pandemic has taught us is we need community and as an island we can’t rely on the current supply chain.

I feel we need to educate upcoming generations on feeding themselves in a healthy natural way, working with nature not against it. Unfortunately (especially here in East Anglia) we are surrounded by mono culture* mainly being used for animal feed and bio fuel.

We are merely the custodians of this great land of ours. We should practice self sufficiency to show we need/can change from ‘big farmer’, we’re an island nation, we should be able to support and provide for ourselves. Looking after the land and nature for the next generations. Utilising (whilst protecting) the wild foods around us. Look to a local way of living, naturally, seasonally, with community.

Community, Common Unity**

AGROECOLOGY is sustainable farming that works with nature. Agroecology is the application of ecological concepts and principles of farming. Agroecology promotes farming practices that mitigate climate change – reducing emissions, recycling resources and prioritsing local supply chains.


- How do we promote the need for change?

- How to start a community farm – community first or land first?

- Ellen MacArthur Foundation...The Big Food Redesign: Circular Economy on the Menu

- www.fordhallfarm.com ... Fordhall community land initiative.

- https://youtu.be/GIFRg2skuDI …. Gaia Hypothesis - James Lovelock

*The Running Hare; The Secret Life of Farmland by John Lewis-Stempel

Quote: “By law, specifically European normative 15695-1:2009, the carbon filtration system on a crop sprayer must be 99% efficient in preventing ingress into the cab of toxic dust & vapours. If pesticides and herbicides are dangerous to farmers, they are dangerous. Period.

**Revolution by Russell Brand

To be continued....

Thanks for reading